taking time to unwind in Sedona, Arizona

Ever since I went full-time freelance, I feel like I’ve been going-going-going. It seems like the work never stops, and there’s always something else that needs to be done. So when the Hampton by Hilton contacted me to be a part of their Ultimate Seekender Campaign, I immediately thought of a place I could relax and rejuvenate: Sedona, AZ.

I’ve wanted to visit Sedona for a while now. The pictures looked amazing and I heard great things about the city as a spiritual oasis. Sedona is actually home to four main energy vortexes, places that release concentrated natural energy from the earth. Tribal shamans have been coming to Sedona for thousands of years to meditate and align their energy at these vortex sites. Coming from a family full of energy healers, this was right up my alley.

If you only have one weekend in Sedona here are three ways I recommend soaking up all the positive vibes this city has to offer:

1. Visit the vortex sites. The city is fairly small and with a rental car it’s easy to get around. I had time to visit two vortex sites, the Bell Rock Vortex and the Cathedral Rock Vortex. The vortex sites also happen to be located at some of Sedona’s best natural attractions (there are lots). Once you’re there, just soak it all in.

2. Treat yourself to a healing massage. Hands down one of the best massages I’ve ever had was at Uptown Massage in Sedona. The masseuse was a trained Reiki healer as well and used essential chakra oils during my session. It was incredible.  

3. Check out the crystal shops and have an aura reading. My boyfriend Jake and I were able to have a couples aura photography + reading session done at the Peace Place in Uptown Sedona. We learned about our different chakras and how to balance and tune our energy fields. We also came home with a few crystals of our own :) 

And if you need a comfortable and relaxing place to stay, I would look no further than the Hampton by Hilton. The architecture is amazing and it's located just minutes from downtown. If you stay on the weekends, your complimentary breakfast also comes with live wood flute performances from Dancing With Bear. It was so peaceful. 

This post was made in partnership with Hampton by Hilton.