5 Reasons You Should Rent an Airstream for Your Next Roadtrip (or music festival)

This year we went to Coachella for the first time. As you may know, finding a place to stay in the desert during this time of year can be pretty hectic. Luckily, we were able to score an Airstream trailer rental for four days and shacked up at a place called Base Camp (swimming pool + mimosas included). We had a blast, made new friends and danced until our legs fell off. Here's 5 reasons you should consider an airstream for your next adventure:

1. Everyone Will Love You

People really love airstreams. I get it now— this was my first Airstream experience and it definitely won’t be my last. Not only did we get the primo RV spot at the campsite, we also got thumbs up and honks the whole drive down. We also pretty much met every other person at the campsite. The airstream was a crowd (and passenger) pleaser.

2. One word: Air Conditioning (Alright, two words)

When visiting the desert in Southern California you want A/C. At nights you’re usually good, but nothing beats being able to escape the desert heat after a long day’s hike, swim, adventure, etc. All you need is an electric hookup and most campsites will have this for you. 

3. Towing is a Breeze

Most the time it didn’t even feel like we were towing anything. Turns out they’re really light and handle the highway like champs. Everything from the long drives to the pick-up, set-up and drop-off, everything was easy-breezey. 

4. Room for Friends

I’m sure airstreams are great for a lovey-dovey weekend getaway for two, but most models have more than one bed, which means there’s plenty of room for friends. The more merrier. They come with a bathroom (hot shower!), full kitchen, fridge, and plenty of storage. It’s just the right amount of space. Once you unpack, it feels like home. 

5. There’s a Super Sweet Company That Rents Them

Go to www.livmobil.com and talk to Bill. He’s super legit and he’ll get you all set up with an awesome airstream in no time. Don’t have a truck? Don’t worry—he rents those too. Or you could get one pretty cheap from either Enterprise or Hertz.